Sarah Chapman Skinesis Glow Moisturiser 30ml

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Working to transform and revive your complexion, the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Glow Moisturiser leaves skin with a natural radiance. Formulated to enhance and maintain a healthy-looking visage, the elixir has been specially developed to deliver high-quality results using innovative cosmeceutical technologies. Containing both Collageneer® and DermaPep™ A350, the cream supports normal collagen production for a suppler, plumper appearance that’s brimming with elasticity. These are joined by vitamins, omega-rich oils, peptides and powerful actives, which mean skin will be thoroughly nourished for a fresher finish that seems more energetic. To shield against environmental aggressors and stress that occurs as a result of the modern world, a Ceramide Complex and Blumilight™ have been blended into the mix, offering effective protection from pollutants and blue light. Soothing and calming, the moisturiser utilises the anti-inflammatory benefits of Venuceane™ to help improve the appearance of fine lines by aiming to reduce the negative response skin has to UV light. Inspired by the lotus flower’s harmonious properties, Nelupure™ brings balance across your skin, synchronising with the natural environment your body needs to flourish. The illuminating elixir is infused with a scent rooted in aromatherapy, linking to ideas such as mindfulness and wellbeing. Essential oils such as Neroli, Jasmine, Lavender, Clary Sage and Frankincense are thought of by many as having restorative properties, while Rose, Fennel, Palmarosa and Petigrain are seen as uplifting, invigorating scents.


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